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We also provide China Visa Services

Located minutes from downtown Chicago and the Brazilian Consulate, we are Brazil Visa Service and Portuguese Services and would be delighted in helping to provide you, your family and your company with Tourist, Business, Technical, Student and Cultural Visas through the Brazilian Consulate in Chicago. Brazil Visa Service offers the traveler to Brazil the convenience of obtaining a Visa without having to travel to Chicago, wait in line and then pickup your Visa from the Consulate at a later date. We speak Portuguese and can help you with any information about Brazil and its culture. Portuguese Services and Brazil Visa Service are non-government-owned businesses not affiliated with nor employed by any Brazilian Consulate office.

We also offer Portugues language classes, translation and interpretation services, legalization of documents, and tour guides. We are a member of the Chicago Tour Professionals Association (CTPA) and the Chicago Area Translators and Interpreters Association (CHICATA).

Start out on your first step across the bridge to Brazil with a full-service provider devoted exclusively to Brazil and the Portuguese language.

For additional information, call or fax us at (773) 525-0678.