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Brazil Visa Service, 3950 N. Lake Shore Dr., Suite 1820D, Chicago, IL 60613; Phone & Fax: (773) 525-0678.

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Brazil Visa Service will only accept Visas for Residents of: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, South Dakota and Wisconsin.


A valid and signed passport. Your passport must be at least 6 months valid from date of intended arrival in Brazil and having at least two blank pages left. Amendment pages 22, 23 and 24 are not visa pages. PLEASE NOTE: THE PASSPORT MUST BE SIGNED AND INCLUDED WITH THE APPLICATION. PLEASE INCLUDE IN YOUR PACKAGE A PHONE NUMBER AND E-MAIL ADDRESS WHERE YOU CAN BE REACHED.


The process for applying for a Brazilian visa has changed and the appliction MUST be completed online. The proper forms to be completed electronically are available by clicking the following link: Complete the appropriate electronic form, print the documentation, sign it and send it along with your other visa-application documents.

A) For English language, click the British flag. B) Print this page and sign your name inside the rectangle at the bottom of the page (not below the rectangle).

Completed and signed online application. (NEW) In the first field of the application process where it asks for "First Name" you must list your first and middle name. As part of this process, a photo and signature must be uploaded - see Brazil website for details.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Brazilian Consulate in Chicago requires your signature and photograph be uploaded to the visa request form before submission. BE AWARE THAT YOU STILL MUST PRESENT YOUR ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS TO THE CONSULATE WITH YOUR ORIGINAL PHOTO AND SIGNATURE.


The photograph must be taken against an off-white plain background.
• The applicant’s face and shoulders must be completely squared on the camera and he or she must be looking forward the camera.
• There may not be reflections, shadows or glares in any part of the photograph.
• The facial expression must be neutral (neither frowning’s nor smiling’s).
• The eyes must be open and clearly visible.
• Glasses’ lens cannot reflect environment’s or camera’s light. Neither sunglasses nor colorful frames are acceptable (the applicant should prefer not to wear glasses when taking the photograph).
• There will be not allowed any head covering, except the ones used for religious reasons so far as they still enable the perfect distinguishing of the applicant’s face.
• Small children must have neutral expression as much as possible. There will not be accepted photographs in which toys or hands holding the children appear.

Submit a 2"x2" passport Photograph with the whites of your eyes visible and taken within the last 6 months by a passport photographer. It must not be a digital or non-passport style photograph. Glasses are not recommended


Submit a clear photocopy of your U.S. driver's license, state-issued ID or utility bill showing your name and address. It must indicate the same address given on the visa application.


A business letter from the applicant's U.S. company addressed to the Consulate of Brazil. The letter must state the following:

* Employer informing of the job description and title of the applicant.

* The precise purpose and description of the applicant's assignment in Brazil.

* Financial responsibility of the applicant.

* Dates of stay.

* Name and address of the organization to be visited.

* Contact name and title of person in Brazil.

* This letter must be signed by a company official.


6. A Visa Fee of $160 per passport is required by the Consulate of Brazil (U.S. Post Office money order only!; the Consulate does not accept personal checks). Please make payable to: Consulate of Brazil, 401 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL. Note: Brazil Visa Service can obtain the U.S. Post Office money order on behalf of a client for a $10 service fee.

7. A Service Fee of $120 per passport (20 business days processing time) or $140 per passport (17 business days processing time) is also required (Cash, company check or money order -- personal checks are not accepted).  Please make Payable to: Brazil Visa Service. Send payment and materials to: Brazil Visa Service, 3950 N. Lake Shore Dr., Suite 1820D, Chicago, IL 60613.

8. You are required to cover the cost of returning your passport with the stamped visa. Please include postage payment or provide a self-addressed, prepaid envelope--with tracking number--for the delivery service desired (we recommend FedEx or UPS). Please note: When returning your package via the U.S. Postal Service, an envelope with a tracking number must be provided.

9. Round-trip ticket. A copy of a round-trip ticket, electronic ticket or electronic booking, or a signed letter from an issuing carrier or travel agent, on its letterhead, with the name(s) of the passenger(s), flight number or vessel, carrier name and dates of arrival in and departure from Brazil. Airline employees must present a copy of their airline indentification and a letter from the airline, on its letterhead, with dates of arrival in and departure from Brazil.

10. Citizens bearing passports of the Country of _______________, also are required to present a photocopy of your Resident Alien card (Green Card)--both sides--or a copy of your valid U.S. visa and I-94.

Please note: If your passport does not require a Brazilian Visa stamp or you are unable to obtain a Visa--for any reason--your passport will be returned to you and you will be charged the full service fee.


We also provide China Visa Services
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